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To Cruise, or, not to Cruise!

To Cruise or not to cruise?

Diary of a first timer!

When the opportunity arose to try out cruising for the first time on a 3 day “Cruise to Nowhere” for a work conference, I asked myself why I had never experienced the salt aired joys of cruising before.

A list of fears and anxieties immediately crossed my mind:

· the fear of debilitating seasickness

· not being able to see land

· would there be enough activities to keep the boredom at bay

· annoying passengers

· no wobbly legged stops in port

· and the food – you hear so many stories!!

The reality turned out to be far removed from my baseless fears. Although the cruise was a "cruise to nowhere" with no stops at port, and in the middle of winter, it turned out to be everything that I imagined and more.

Sleeping spaces

Being a first timer we took the inside cabin thinking I wouldn't be spending much time there anyway. The cabin was just as I had picture it, 2 single beds and 2 bunks that were folded up against the walls. The bathroom was small but adequate, although after a big night it was good to get out of the cabin and get some air.

Cabin choice is an entirely personal choice - if your going on a party cruise with 3 mates the inside cabin would be perfect. A romantic cruise with your other half may call for a spacious balcony cabin where you can enjoy a sunset champagne on the balcony. After this first encounter with cruising I have indulged on further cruises and have enjoyed the pleasures of a balcony suite - such joy!

"For the next 3 nights we enjoyed an unforgettable mix of work and play in an amazing setting aboard the ship."

What tickles your fancy

Our 3 day cruise was a “Food & Wine” cruise, the highlights which included:

· Wine tastings

· Masterclasses

· Live food demonstrations

· Ice, fruit & vegetable carving demonstrations

· Martini & Tequila classes

· Coffee appreciation

· Wine and food pairing

Aside from the Food & Wine cruise, there are many short cruises which can take you away to your happy place:


*Sporting/special events - Melbourne Cup, Australia Day


*Rock N Roll

Working holidays

After pushing off from the dock and sailing into the sunset we joined the rest of the conference delegates for our welcome cocktail party. The rest of the passengers partied the night away on the main deck as we prepared for an unforgettable experience of food, wine & entertainment.

As the next day dawned there was no land in sight, only a beautiful sunny day and calm seas…although in our cabin things weren’t so calm after a big night!

We enjoyed a late breakfast before the first session of the conference and what a great venue to hold a conference. All the delegates are in the same place for the duration - a great way to forge great and lasting business relationships.

Over the next couple of days we ate some amazing food in a huge array of venues from the extensive buffet & Asian Fusion restaurant to the celebrity Chef inspired restaurant. We could also get unbelievable pizza in the early hours of the morning on the way back to our cabin!

There is a different bar for every night, the casino, live shows featuring legendary rock stars, and movies shown on the big screen on the main deck. The activities are endless and you can participate in as few or as many as you like. Find a sun lounge and read a book for three days or learn how to make cocktails - it's your choice!

After an amazing three days on the high seas we returned to port during the early hours of the morning and the ship was enveloped in a thick, white fog. As we stood on the deck the fog horn started to sound sending shivers down my spine.

I knew then, standing shivering on the deck, that this was the highlight of my trip and that I’d been infected with drug that makes you return again and again.

Written by: Jodie Terzis

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